Art Historical Context


1959 – “Street Photography” popular

1962 – First Pop art exhibit

1964 – Op art begins

1965 – Minimalism recognized

1966 – Venturi publishes theory of Post-Modern architecture

1967 – Conceptual Art developed

1968 – Earth Art documented

            Process Art exhibited

1969 – Judy Chicago founds feminist art program

1972 – Photo-Realism exhibited

1975 – Graffiti art exhibited

1976 – Performance art shown

1981 – Neo-Expressionism exhibited

1982 – Post-Modern architecture recognized

1986 - Installations become trend

   *based on Strickland, Annotated Monalisa, page 169
Louise Nevelson was an independent artist. Margaret Zorach, the former art reference librarian at Brookland Museum of Art, said that Nevelson did not have many influences because she had her "own way". She did not copy, she created. But Louise Nevelson was influenced by Cubism and Installations. These style are visible in her work. Louise Nevelson built upon previous style to create a new, unique one.